ICT Solutions

3Tek Engineering is your best choice as a partner in your ICT Related projects.

Started as 3Tek Engineering, our privately owned company rapidly grew into the format we have today. With a broad range of activities, experienced professional consultants and an extensive network to work with, within the 3Tek Engineering we offer help for companies seeking direct solutions, expert opinions, development capacity and support with expansion into new markets, new technologies, or new Business in general.

Our knowledge and skills are based upon years of experience in various fields within the ICT Industry. Active since the dawn of the Internet, we have seen the ICT areas grow and built up our experience in numerous fields. Today, with almost 20 years of experience, this gives us a competitive edge regarding the consultancy services we can provide for a lot of subjects.

We operate mainly within the Netherlands, but we also accept projects from abroad occasionally. For more details please contact us, so we can provide you with any additional information you might need!


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