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Mission Statement

The mission of 3Tek Engineering is to provide high quality Lithium Ion based solutions for the best possible price. Our solutions are mainly based upon the LiFePo4 chemistry, which we believe is one of the most important members of the modern Lithium Ion family of chemistries. Intrinsically safe, with high energy density, LiFePo4 has already proven to be the logical choice as a next step in technological advances. It is the chemistry of choice for the current automotive industry, and for very good reasons indeed.

3Tek Engineering commits to a pleasant and personal approach towards engineering. We believe a product should be developed in a familiar setting, with clear and open forms of communication. Being honest and direct about the functional and technical possibilities, the accompanying price structures and the general planning involved can only help in achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction.

3Tek Engineering is capable of adding a lot of extras into "the mix", because we are also capable of providing consultancy and valuable input regarding your marketing strategies for any new Lithium Ion based product. We always try to combine our marketing knowledge with our knowledge as gained within the IT industry, resulting in a great online exposure whenever needed. Online presence is very important for any new product, and 3Tek Engineering has the skills and knowledge to manage this perfectly.

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