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Introducing 3Tek Engineering

3Tek Engineering is a cooperation of business partners with a long track record in engineering and product development in various industries. It´s partners have been and currently are active in various fields within the IT industry, the Motorcycle industry, and in General Retailing. 3TEK Engineering focusses mainly on developing and marketing solutions based on combinations of the latest and the best available in Battery Technology, Solar Energy Technology and Wind Energy Technology.

3Tek Engineering can provide tailor-made solutions for any client. For instance, a batterypack specification can easily be developed or extended to:

- Use in conjunction with different applications
- Do custom casings (customer specific designs for any Packs),
- Create Packs with custom or application-specific connectors,
- Increase the amount of available Battery Management System (BMS) functions.

When looking at additional functions for a BMS, one could think of the following examples:

  - Using LED indications for the State Of Charge (SOC) of the pack, indicating the remaining time
  - "One-Start remaing" cutoff functions for starterbattery applications.

As a technically good and economically sound tailor-made solution is almost always based upon custom requests we often propose to start a project in which the right solution for an application will be developed. To sum up a few questions that arise in such situation, in no certain order:

- What is the range of specifications that is needed
- What is the actual range of specifications that is possible for a given pricerange?
- Is there a need for various incarnations of the same type of product?
- What functions should the BMS definitely have?
- What functions would be nice to have within the BMS?
- What type of casing does the solution need for any given usage?
- Is there an existing way to mount the solution to take into account?
- Which casingdesign is the best one for the solution regarding Corporate Identities
- What terminaltypes should be mounted on the solution?
- In which way could the advantages of the new product best be marketed?

Another important aspect is deciding on timeframes regarding producing, marketing and aftermarket care for any new product.

With regard to the answers to these questions we can always offer solutions based upon:

- One or more of our standard specification packs
- Working closely together on determining the final Product Parameters, within a Project team.

This will always lead to the best solution possible, for the right price.


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