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3Tek Engineering is a new Dutch company, focussing mainly on providing solutions using the latest in Lithium Ion technology. We provide consultancy, engineering services and carry a growing range of Lithium Ion based products.

3Tek Engineering is a cooperation of business partners with a long track record in engineering and product development in various industries. It's partners have been and currently are active in various fields within the IT industry, the Motorcycle industry, and in General Retailing.

This month's featured products:



3Tek Lithium Ion 12V Starter Battery

3Tek Lithium Ion 12V Start Battery

Compact, lightweight and robust. The ideal green replacement for your regular Lead Acid Battery!

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TDR5500 Lithium Ion Starter Battery

TDR Racing

Lithium Ion

Starter Battery

The perfect Lithium Ion Starter Battery.

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RCE Lithium Ion 12V Car Starter Battery

RCE Lithium Ion 12V Car Battery

The best replacement for your Lead Acid Car Battery!

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